Chocolate Loaded Rolled Oats – Oatmeal Recipes

By special request from a friend, this is my chocolate oats topped with just about everything in my cupboard. I have oatmeal pretty much every morning in many variations and to be honest I could eat it all day, everyday.


I use traditional rolled oats, as I prefer the thick chunky texture however, any wholegrain oat is fine to use. Oatmeal has many health benefits, not only is it low calorie (130 calories per cup) it contains high levels of fibre and protein essential for making you feel fuller for longer. Additionally, it reduces and protects against heart disease and cancer, enhances immune system and removes bad cholesterol. But most importantly, it tastes so good!

This recipe is overnight chocolate oats, loaded with nutritious loaded toppings!

Like all of my chocolate recipes, I like to use my chocolate protein to incorporate additional protein to my dishes. Protein is important for the build up and repair of the body such as bones, skin and nails. In terms of diet, protein can promote weight-loss by making us feel fuller for longer and repairing our muscles after working out. I therefore use whey powder to add additional protein into my diet and buy from MyProtein and one of my favourites is the Impact Whey Protein in Chocolate Smooth.


¾ cup rolled oats

¾ cup unsweetened almond milk

1 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder or unsweetened coco powder

1 tblsp chia seeds (blog to follow!)

1 tblsp flaked almonds

2 tblsp low fat Greek yoghurt

½ cup mixed berries

1 tblsp peanut butter


I leave the oats to soak the almond milk overnight and add the toppings fresh in the morning.  Even if you are pushed for time, it only takes as long as preparing a couple of slices of toast.

To add the chocolate flavour I use a chocolate whey protein which adds further protein into my diet. Unsweetened coco or cacao powder can be used to add the chocolate taste. Add blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, in fact any berries! Enjoy F x


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