Healthy Body & Mind – My View

Today’s post is little different and rather than my usual recipe post, I wanted to let you know about my attitude to health. When I think about health, I think more than the body but the importance of your mind as well, which I discuss throughout this post. Before you go any further, I don’t intend to offend or upset anyone, but this is simply my opinion from my own experiences.

Firstly I wanted to talk about health and your body. I completely believe that we are what we consume. As cliché as that may be, I feel from analysing my own health over the years that it works for me.  I rarely get ill (famous last words) and I believe that is down to what I consume. I try and keep my diet as fresh and nutritious as often as possible and avoid processed, bland ‘food’.  I also try and remain active most days, whether that’s going to the gym or just walking, which few of us do these days.

After recently completing my dissertation this year, I explored consumers’ perception into healthy marketed products and it’s positive to know that we are looking to improve our health. But due to the lack of time we have, we as a society are buying these cleverly marketed products. The marketing of such items and miraculous ‘dieting’ products are clever in making you believe you are improving your diet. But often this food is overly processed and contains high salt and sugar content to add taste and reduce overall calorie and fat content.

I could go on about this topic, 12,000 words worth in fact, but I won’t bore you. However, I think it’s very important to understand the marketing of these products and even more important that we increase our knowledge about what food actually is.

Slightly off topic, but the point I’m trying to get to at is to try and demonstrate the health benefits fresh food obtains. We all know those people that are constantly ill and visiting the doctor with ‘something’. They come home with various drug packages that will in a few weeks probably cure their ‘something’. Now, look at that person’s lifestyle; is their diet containing fresh ingredients? Do they exercise? Most likely not.  I’m not claiming my body is a temple AT ALL as I enjoy my ‘fat Fridays’, a few glasses of wine and plenty of chocolate. But I always feel the effects of it the next few days afterwards. Look at the common ‘hangover’ a perfect example of your body asking for nutrients and asking for you to stop poisoning it.

Rather than going to Boots for some common cold medicine, how many people eat an orange or a bowl of spinach? Vitamin C builds your immune system and fights disease. Your body has been created to fight disease and rebuild itself over a period of time. Our body replaces itself everyday; other parts take a few months and others a few years. But in a few years we have a brand new body. So it is important you help your body and provide it with the best fuel possible. Instead of piling your plate with salt and fat, explore different tastes and discover food again. Stop counting calories, and enjoy the fresh ingredients you have combined to make a delicious dinner.

If you know me, you will know that I find it very difficult to sit down and do nothing and always looking for something to do and busy myself. However, I still find it possible to make my own meals everyday, with a little preparation and by sticking to quick and easy dishes, it can be done. I’m probably an extreme version of someone that enjoys cooking and I hope I don’t offend anyone by preaching that you all have time and can do it. I gain a great sense of satisfaction cooking and believe everyone can find time as I have influenced friends and family to change their eating habits and lifestyles. So it would be nice if I could spread it further.

Providing we implement these small eating changes, move around a little more (I will get to exercise at a later date) a healthier body should be on its way. So the second part of my post is about the healthy mind. Stop reading now if you are sick of my preaching as this part may get a little worse…

I may be talking into the unknown now, but this is again all part my own experiences.  I have recently been reading The Secret (which I advice you all go read) and one section of the book discusses Health.  Some of it I’m a little cynical of as I’ve never been in the position to experience such ‘miracles’ but references to stress in the book I found particularly interesting.

Stress is one the biggest causes of illness and disease, and influenced by our thoughts and how we interpret situational factors. It can induce heart disease, digestive problems, depression, obesity, sleeping problems, autoimmune disease and skin conditions to name a few. Thus, we must take on these situations in a different light. Avoiding stress can be difficult in the demanding modern Britain. But we must try putting this into perspective and remaining positive to reduce stress levels and essentially reduce illness and disease.

A positive mind is a healthy mind. No matter how low you may be, you always have something to be thankful for. Remaining positive banishes any of these thoughts. Happier thoughts lead to a happier mind and body.  This can often seem difficult and sometimes something or someone can disturb our thoughts. But it is always imperative to remind yourself of the good in your life.  There have been cures of terminal illness’ without treatment and only using the medicine of laughter. This may be a coincidence, but we should learn from such stories and use laughter every day to cure our problems.

Anyway, I did warn you about my preaching. Apologies. But I hope some of this post can help you change your attitude to health like I have and you can become healthier in yourself. But most of all, happier.

Enjoy. F x

P.S. Alabama says hello to you all…


  1. Linda said:

    hi fi, i am currently reading another good book called “hot, happy, healthy” by christy fergusson, she features a bit in top sante mag. its another good insight into using food for health benefits. x

  2. I will have to check this out Linda. Thanks very much for letting me know 🙂

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