Salad Recipe Ideas or Rabbit Food to some…


Shredded goose and orange

With all this sunshine a salad is a perfect dish for lunch and dinner. To be honest I eat salads throughout the year, I love how versatile, fresh and tasty they can be. I particularly enjoy a warm salad! A good friend introduced me to a warm brie salad, perhaps not the healthiest choice, but it opened my eyes to mixing hot and cold ingredients. Not only are the easily prepared they can also be packed with lots of nutrients. But be careful to not laden yours in high fat packaged dressings. 


IMG_6212Classic tuna nicoise  

There are many misconceptions about salads being ‘rabbit food’ but as I mentioned they are so versatile a wide variety of texture and flavours can be incorporated into one dish. Eating salad is an easy healthy eating habit to adopt and also a super convenient dish you can prepare and eat on the go, putting unhealthy temptations at bay.

Generally speaking I always stick to the same leafy base, mixing rocket and spinach together in a lemon and balsamic dressing. Leafy greens have a great amount of healthy goodness in including vitamin K (for strong bones) vitamin A (sharpens your eyesight) improve muscle strength, fights breast cancer and protects your heart.IMG_5430Warm turkey and sweet potato

And what you add next is entirely down to your preference. Tomatos, cucumber, beetroot and avocado more than always are added into my salads, but I sometimes like to mix it up with roasted red pepper, sundried tomatoes and grapes for and added sweetness.  Toasted seeds add a crunch to the texture of your salad too and full of added nutrients.


Warm vegan bean burger, hummus and chilli sauce

The burger and orange goose salads are both made from left over meals. So they also provide a cheap convenient way to use up food that would perhaps go to waste.

As mentioned earlier I dress my salad in a balsamic and lemon juice dressing that takes seconds to make:


 2 tblspn olive oil

1 tblspn balsamic vinegar

½ juice of lemon

S&P to season


  1. Basically mix together. Voila.

Hope you all have all had a glorious time in the sunshine. Again if anyone has any questions of queries, please feel free to contact me. It’s also really nice to see people trying some of my recipes too so feel free to send me your thoughts, feedback and any pictures. Have a lovely week. Enjoy! Fx

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