Colombian Cuisine

After a rather stressful and frustrating few days of travel (don’t ask!) I have finally returned from an amazing trip in Colombia!

ImageAvocado’s the size of melons – heaven! And only a few pence when compared to those we buy in the UK supermarkets

Although my trip wasn’t as long as I would of liked, I still had a phenomenal time and was lucky enough to experience many of Colombia’s diverse settings. I could go on about my favourite moments, but I don’t want to bore you with stories of personal amusement.

However, during my few weeks in Colombia I was able to experience some of the local cuisine and wanted to share some of my favourite dishes with you.

972102_10151592382459144_236661063_nPretty much my breakfast everyday – soft boiled eggs, avocado,tomatoes and fresh fruit delicious!


Street stalls was a common site selling a range of food including fresh fruit, arepas and patecones

Admittedly the Colombian cuisine isn’t the most appropriate for the health conscious such as the Patacones, double-fried plantain patties and Arepas, a traditional fried dough typically served with cheese. Despite this, as much as I did enjoy the Colombian food I found it all rather bland and carried a small bottle of picante with me to spice my plates up.

226779_10151613214564144_1905076262_n“Plate of the day” from a health cafe in Medellin which was $10,000 PESO (£3.50)

One of the healthier dinners found quinoa salad, grilled fish, rice and a side of omelette. This was also served with either a quinoa or lentil soup to start and a juice of your choice

ImagePlate of the day, Caribbean style!

By far my favourite meal of the whole trip – whole grilled fish, rice and patecon all for $20,000PESO (the equivalent of £6)! I think the caribbean scenery may of contributed to the meal experience.

The benefits of the local produce did provide access to some quality and cheap munch. And not to forget the cafe de colombia, by far the greatest coffee I have ever tasted! However the locals enjoy it with copious amounts of sugar which was often difficult to avoid.

I’ve featured some images of my favourite food and dishes that I’m going to miss. I plan to follow up with  specific blogs over the next few weeks of some particular favourites. In the mean time, I hope you can enjoy some of my snaps. Enjoy! Fx


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