The Super Food that is… Avocado


In theme with my recent post about Colombian Cuisine i experienced on my travels, one of my favourite parts was the access to the best avocados that I have ever ate. Not only were they consistently ripe and about four times the size to those we find in the UK, they cost $1,000 PESO, which is the equivalent of 35p. Compare this to the minuscule £1.50 avocados we have to choose from in the local supermarkets, I most definitely made the most of it while on my travels.

IMG_7012Avocados, classified as a fruit, have been named as one of the mother natures ‘Super Foods’. Many people are scared to eat avocados as they have a high fat content. However the fat in avocados is a monounsaturated fat, which is in fact a healthy fat that is easily burned for energy. As I’ve mentioned, I avoid  calorie counting but rather take note of the food I’m consuming, based on the nutritional properties and freshness of the product. Avocados and such foods are perfect example of the downfall of calorie controlled diet, as they contain around 240 calories per serving, which for a fruit in such a diet seems an excessive amount and would often be avoided to control calorie consumption.

However, with so many health benefits this is not a food to ignore and it tastes amazing! The healthy fats that are found in avocado are required to absorb other nutrients into the body such as vitamin A, D and E. Furthermore, such fats are important for the growth process particularly with infants but also for skin, nail and hair growth. Other foods that contain healthy fats are coconut oil, olive oil and raw nuts to name a few.


As I mentioned they are a Super Food, so the health benefits go on. Such as the fact they are packed with disease-fighting antioxidants which are required to maintain a healthy heart. In contrast a packet of chips contains fat, but saturated fats which ironically creates disease and heart conditions so, keep it clean! Furthermore, they contain carotenoids, which help protect eye disease.

The fibre content in a serving of avocado is 6.4 grams, which is highly important in maintaining a healthy diet and promoting weight loss. Fibre is important in our diets as it helps the digestion system and furthermore makes us feel fuller for longer, curbing hunger.

Apparently Super Foods really are super, as the list continues. Avocados rich creamy, texture not only tastes delightful (and the rest) but stabilises blood sugar, protect unborn babies and finally reduces cholesterol! Phew! I think I have managed to name them all, but I imagine I have missed something off there.

So, the important part -eating them…


Whenever I eat avocados I mainly add them into my salad or breakfast when I have time to make eggs, as it adds a rich, creamy texture to my dish and always compliments other fresh ingredients. They are also excellent to create dips with, particularly the avocado based dip guacamole. But I have to confess that I love them that much that I enjoy slicing one in half, scoring with a knife and adding chilli sauce and eating it with a spoon. Devine.

I have recently been inspired to use them with dessert recipes, particularly when creating healthy chocolate indulgences. Such as this amazing sugar free, chocolate mousse found I found at Fresh Fit n Healthy. If you are interested in finding more healthy alternatives this is an excellent blog for such recipes, and the author uses many replacement ingredients I wouldn’t of even thought of. 

stay tuned with  (hopefully) a success story of sweet avocados. In the mean time go and eat your avocados. Enjoy! Fx


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