Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

Hello All,

It’s that time of the week again – hump day! I cannot believe how fast the weeks are flying by and how the weekends are forever fast approaching. I guess I shouldn’t complain though as it is an indication that I’m enjoying work at the moment. Here’s a scary thought though; we are officially six months away from Christmas! Which makes me wonder how many of us have actually stuck to and achieved our New Years resolutions?!

Anyway, a slightly different post today about another aspect of my diet, which arethe vitamin and mineral supplements I consume. There has often been negative associations made about supplements such as a healthy diet should provide all the nourishment and nutrients required, leaving little argument substitute products. However, in a modern environment it is considerably different when compared to our ancestors therefore disease can often be induced even in the healthiest of diets. More information can be found here about the arguments around supplements and particularly why they are important.


I’m big on incorporating as much nutrients into my diet as possible by eating as fresh as possible therefore, don’t feel I need to gain additional nourishment elsewhere. I have also tried many vitamin and mineral supplements previously and to be honest found some of them have never had a significant impact on me. However, I have found a couple of supplements that I simply cannot get enough of and will probably continue to use until the modern environment defeats me.

I buy all my supplements from Holland and Barrett as they are always running amazing promotions along side their loyalty scheme. Their current promotion is Everything Buy One, Get One Half Price and they also have a Free Delivery on all orders over £20 so you can shop online today.

So firstly….

Green Tea Extract

Confession 1. I have tried many wonder diet pills as a method of weight loss. Confession 2. Non of them have worked (shock!)

However, this little wonder pill I can confidently say has helped me maintain a healthy weight when incorporate with a balanced diet and exercise. Green Tea increasing your metabolism which increases the level in which your body turns food into calories. As well as weight loss Green Tea also obtains many other benefits including reducing the risk of; diabetes, heart disease, esophalel cancer,  cholesterol, blood pressure, tooth decay and depression. But, despite the many benefits of green tea it has been argued that you must drink at least 8 cups a day to gain full benefits.


Therefore, I swear by these green tea extract supplements from Holland & Barrett. Only one capsule is required a day providing the full anti-oxidant benefits of the tea. You can find full details and buy them HERE to start promoting your healthy weight loss.

Cod Liver Oil Capsules

If you suffer from creaky bones like me, then cod liver oil works wonders for your joints. It makes me cringe every time I hear my elbow or knee’s click so I couldn’t go a day with out this little wonder.


As well as “creaky bones” as  have explained so well, cod liver oil is one of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids and highly important for our diet. Furthermore, cod liver oil is also important for brain development and growth, maintaining healthy eyes, heart, bones and skin. Another benefit is its’s cancer fighting properties and most importantly aiding us with a good nights sleep.

Similarly, only one of these mighty capsules is required a day to gain the full advantages of this super oil. More information and where you can buy can be found HERE.

Skin Hair and Nails Formula

Growing up around Disney Princess’ to aspire to, low flowing hair has always been an aspiration of mine. Thus, I have battled through many years with miracle hair-growth products and dragged kicking and screaming to the hair dresser so that I can holdonto every inch of my precious length. That was until I discovered, what only I can call a miracle pill and albeit I am finally beginning to experience hair-growth!


It is required to consumer three capsules per day, preferably with meals (pop a reminder in your phone) and you will result in having Rapunzel-like-locks! Okay, that last bit is a lie but I guarantee you will see results in a month so go buy yourself a pack HERE and get growing.

Remember, it really is worth buying a couple of products at a time or in bulk at Holland and Barrett due to their excellent discounts and with free delivery over £20, how could you possibly refuse. Enjoy! Fx

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