Vegetable Stir Fry

I can’t seem to get enough of a good stir fry at the moment and even more so that they can be made in a matter of minutes using left over vegetables. It is often argued that it can be difficult to eat healthy and conveniently, but this is a super quick dish which can be whipped up in a snap.

IMG_8002 2

Tonight I used red pepper, green beans, bean sprouts, carrot and mushroom sliced up. Heat a little coconut oil in a pan and chuck the veg in and cook for a couple of minutes until veg starts to go soft – but not too soft.

IMG_6653 2

For the sauce it is super duper easy…


2 cloves garlic

1 chopped chilli

1 tblspn soy sauce

1 tblspn peanut butter

2 tblspn water

…. and MIX!

Add to the vegetables and cook for a minute or so. Voila. Done and done! I sometimes add egg whites in before the sauce to add extra protein to keep me satisfied for longer. Or you can cook off a meat   before you add the vegetables, such as chicken or lean pork if you don’t want a vegan dish. Enjoy! Fx



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