Overnight Oat Recipe

I’ve had a lot of queries and questions about the overnight oats I feature a lot on my Instagram posts (@fifisskinnymunch) so thought I would create a step-by-step method for you to follow.


One of my previous posts Chocolate Loaded Rolled Oats highlights my absolute love for oats in any form and if you follow my Instagram account you will continue to see this common theme. I love them so much I genuinely get a little bit excited about them when I go to bed at night! Overnight steel cut oats have got to be a super quick and easy way to ensure you start your day with a good breakfast keeping you satisfied until mid day.

A quick overview of the health benefits of overnight oatmeal and oatmeal in any form, are that they are low calorie (130 calories per cup) and contain high levels of fibre and protein essentially making you feel fuller for longer. Furthermore, it reduces and protects against heart disease and cancer, enhances immune system and removes bad cholesterol.

So my overnight oatmeal recipe only needs a few ingredients and can be prepared in a couple of minutes ready for your morning rush.


1/2 cup traditional rolled oats

1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk

1/4 water

2 tblspn cinnamon (ground)

1/2 banana

1/3 cup frozen berries


1. Add the oats, unsweetened almond milk, water and cinnamon into a serving bowl. Break up the banana, add to the oat mixture and mix together. As shown below…


2. Add your frozen berries of choice on top of the oat mixture – I tend to leave mine on top so that they soak down into the mixture. Pop into the fridge and get yourself to bed for 8 hours.


3. Wake up when your morning alarm goes off, run to the fridge and like magic you have your overnight oats ready to eat. Mix through your berries and you should have something like the image below. Before diving in add your favourite toppings to create additional taste, texture and also add further nutrients into your diet. My favourites are flaked almonds (mono-saturate fat), low fat greek yoghurt (protein) and peanut butter (mono fats and protein). Enjoy! Fx


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