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Hope we have all had a wonderful weekend. I had a lovely weekend back in the countryside celebrating my Mam’s birthday and feel refreshed ready for the week ahead.


So in all special occasions, cake is a necessity. After skimming through the range of sugar and fat laden cakes in the supermarket, I realised I would be silly to not try making my own one. Alas in a mad frenzy I managed to whip this fat free, gluten free rich chocolate cake within the hour. I like to hope I tricked most people by not letting them into the secret ingredients until they had tried the cake.

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Here goes… Happy Easter! Today I venture into the land of food blogging.

IMG_5600Inline with all the Easter festivities, my first recipe is a healthy twist on the classic carrot cake. The healthiest thing about a traditional cake is perhaps the name. So creating a healthy version and attempting to maintain a similar taste and texture was initially a challenge.

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