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A scoop of creamy ice cream is far too tempting to cool down with all the sunshine the UK has been experiencing recently. However the dairy cream and sugar used in ice cream often leaves a fat and sugar loaded bowl of guilt. Ice cream is my downfall in any season and nothing quite compares to the sweet ice treat.

So in attempts to find a healthier alternative to this gluttonous delight, I discovered the genius idea of making a healthy natural alternative, which is also suitable for a vegan diet too. And it is so simple to make! One ingredient + one blender = one sweet creamy bowl of ice cream!


As the banana has a higher (natural) sugar content then water, when frozen the sugar binds the mixture together rather than breaking up leaving the same consistency as dairy ice cream. Banana’s are super healthy and one of the greatest fruits in terms of nutritional benefits. As mentioned in my healthy oat banana loaf post, bananas provide lots of energy and hold many other benefits including, heart, vision, bone  and digestion health.


My vegan ice cream recipe simply uses frozen bananas, but I added a few additional ingredients to add a little extra taste.


2-3 ripe bananas

1 tblspn peanut butter

1 tbslpn toffee whey protein

As mentioned I used a few additional ingredients to add additional taste and nutritional benefits to the ice cream but essentially all you need are frozen bananas. I use peanut butter as it is the perfect combination with banana and also adds protein into the dish, which brings me onto the next ingredient. Whey protein powder from My Protein comes in many flavours and is a quick way to add additional protein into your diet, which is key to weight loss. I used the toffee flavour which was super complimentary with the bananas.



1. How to make frozen banana ice cream? Simply take your over ripe bananas, peel and slice up and freeze overnight. Pop in blender and blend! Add in any other additional ingredients and mix together. You can also try adding other frozen fruit before you blend the bananas for a variety of flavours. Enjoy! Fx



I don’t intentionally eat a lot of vegetarian and vegan dishes, as I love all meat. However, sometimes if I’m on a particularly tight budget one week, vegetarian and vegan options can often work out a little cheaper.

I’ve experimented with curries in the past and never managed to achieve the same diverse taste and moist texture like those from the local curry house. Albeit, the common purchased curry has often been made by an experienced chef and includes richer ingredients that often increase the saturated fat content of the dish.

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